Data Visualization

How to Create a Plot with Two Vertical Dual-Scaled Axes (Left & Right)

Sometimes we may feel the need to plot a chart with information for two totally different variables simultaneously. Perhaps those variables are even measured in two different units of measurement (i.e. kilograms and hours). First thing we have to keep in mind in such scenario is that this is, in general, a terrible idea. If you don’t understand why and want to read some good articles about this topic, please check both Dual-Scaled Axes in Graphs, Are They Ever the Best Solution?

Friends (TV Series) Best and Worst Seasons According to IMDb Users

What are best and worst Friends seasons according to IMDb users? How can we plot this information in a clean and effective way so we can also represent which are best and worst episodes (overall and for each season), the average rating for each season, and so forth? Let’s see how we can achieve this with just a few lines of R code. According to Can I use IMDb data in my software?