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Sometimes we may feel the need to plot a chart with information for two totally different variables simultaneously. Perhaps those โ€ฆ

What are best and worst Friends seasons according to IMDb users? How can we plot this information in a clean and effective way so we โ€ฆ


These are the books I have read and enjoyed the most since I became interested in Data Analysis, Statistics and Data Visualization. I consider all of them extremely good and recommend them to anyone interested in these topics. Those annotated with ๐Ÿ“– are the ones I am currently reading, while the ๐Ÿ“š emoji clearly states I already finished that book.

๐Ÿ“– Statistics and Data Analysis for Microarrays Using R and Bioconductor

Clear and rigorous description of powerful analysis techniques and algorithms for mining and interpreting biological information (i.e. information coming from microarray technology).

๐Ÿ“– Data Analysis for the Life Sciences with R

From relatively basic concepts related to computed p-values to advanced topics related to analyzing highthroughput data.

๐Ÿ“š Machine Learning with R

Powerful set of methods to quickly and easily gain insight from our data to turn it into actionable knowledge, predict outcomes that make real impact, and have constantly developing insights.

๐Ÿ“š Linear Models with R

Linear models are used to make predictions and explain the relationship between the response and the predictors. Understanding them is crucial to a broader competence in the practice of Statistics.

๐Ÿ“š Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals

Fundamentals of data visualization and how to communicate effectively with data, discovering the power of storytelling and the way to make data a pivotal point in our story.


If I am honest, I never considered teaching as an option until a few years ago. But sometimes destiny seems to have its own plans for you. That’s exactly what happened in 2016 and I must say I truly loved that first teaching experience. Sure, it can be exhausting some times. But nowadays I can’t see myself not doing it.


Multimedia Technologies Laboratory

Open University of Catalonia

Sep 2018 โ€“ Present Barcelona

iOS App Development

Open University of Catalonia

Sep 2018 โ€“ Dec 2018 Barcelona

Capstone Project on Mobile App Development

Open University of Catalonia

Sep 2017 โ€“ Jan 2018 Barcelona

Multimedia Technologies and Applications

Open University of Catalonia

Sep 2016 โ€“ Jan 2018 Barcelona


Here is a nonexhaustive selection of projects I have been working on for the last years. Some are pretty big, and some are just proofs of concept. There is some diversity of technologies (iOS, R, .NET, Access, etc.) as I always try to choose the tool I feel most appropriate for the given task.


Shiny App Demo for Regression Model

I created this proof of concept Shiny app to show how outliers can heavily influence regression models.

Screencast Series on YouTube (Catalan)

I recorded a bunch of 25 screencasts for the iOS App Development class I teached in 2018.

Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy

I have translated the last two editions of this awesome book about mobile development into Spanish.

Big O Quiz App

I created this app to help everyone study computational complexities of common data structures and algorithms used in Computer Science.

Needleman-Wunsch App

I programmed this app to show how the NW algorithm used in bioinformatics to align protein or nucleotide sequences actually works.

Election Polls Analysis (Catalan)

I analyzed election polls data in this Medium article with 68K views and 31K reads that was also published in Esguard magazine (issue 271).

Circlestouch App

I had a lot of fun while programming this addictive game where you have to touch some circles and let others vanish. Really simple.

Numsolver App

I developed this app to to solve the numbers part in the popular Countdown game show.

Database for Department of Neurology

I developed this Microsoft Access application at the request of a medical doctor who needed it for his department of neurology in one of the most important hospitals in Spain.

My Vocapp App

This was the first app I created for a client, a boutique English school that wanted to help their Italian students learn English vocabulary.


As I am a deep work believer and practitioner, I only check my email inbox twice a day, at 10 a.m and 6 p.m. So do expect some hours delay in my responses. If you are not familiar with the deep work concept, you probably could benefit from reading Deep Work, Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport.