I started writing code when I was 12 and my parents purchased an Amstrad CPC6128. How could anyone forget all those BASIC programs copypasted from magazines… 10 CLS and all that :)

But my first professional experience as a programmer came much later, already in my twenties, when I found out I could automate many daily processes in my job at that time using Visual Basic for Applications… and after some time I just realized I could do that for a living.

Anyway, time really flies and along the last two decades I've had the chance to work with many technologies and deliver good quality products for many clients.

Current stack

  • .NET for backend development.
  • React, Next and vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript for frontend development – also keeping an eye on Vue and Blazor.
  • Postgres as default go-to choice for any application that needs a database.

Used at some point in my career

  • SQL language to query Access, MySQL, SQL Server and Postgres databases.
  • Python and Django to create web applications.
  • Flutter to create cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Kotlin and Java to create native Android applications.
  • Swift and good old Objective-C to create native iOS applications.
  • Visual Basic for Applications to create macros and programs for Microsoft Office.

Used at university or in personal projects

If you are a recruiter, please feel free to check my Resume for more detailed information about my experience and education.